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Varion -A big oneman-project, often with lots of sounds and instruments involved,
(it's not unusual that I make up about 50 tracks...) -You can draw a parallel to
classical music where everything works together to get the feeling the conductor wants.
I use the same philosophy on different sorts of instruments and the way I record them.

The name 'Varion' means allmost "indefinite" and "several" in the spanish language.

Here you can find some short samples (ca 1½ - 2 minutes) of three songs I made a couple years ago. The next time I add songs you will hear what Varion sounds like today.

For a couple of years ago I hurt my hand so I couldn't play the guitar. Some months later when I could move my fingers I had so much "guitar-abstinence" that I just made guitarsongs. -This is one of them!
An instrumental song with guitar in the mainrole.
Like captured from a movie.... Sometimes you can hear jazz or blues...
Another instrumental song.
Imagine big fields up north. There between the hills there is someone playing folkmusic ..from the future! -Listen and you probably will understand...

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Three Varion-songs online! Go to the music-page and listen!


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