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So, who am I?

I've been interested in music since I was little. My mothers friends husband had lots of instruments which I, with great happiness explored. Many years later, in the same house and with almost the same instruments, I joined my first "real" band!

I have never had any artist as idol, -instead ABBA's soundengineer! When I was younger I corresponded with Michael B Tretow and analysed EVERYTHING he did. With a homemade mixingdesk I started my first recordings. First humorstuff a la Tretow. Later I realized that I could sing and began to make "real" songs.
When I bought my first computer (Commodore Vic20) I made musicprograms and got involved with instrumental synthmusic.

When I was 21 yers old, I moved to Oskarshamn and started to work at the radiostation SmashFM.
Responsible for the music-choice, I listened every day to tons of new records and learned in that way to "pick" the right ones, which I thought should be "direct hits", (I got right most of the times, like with Patrik Isaksson and Britney Spears.) Late at night I sat in the "commercial-making-studio" or at home in my studio and recorded demosongs...

Now, 9 years later, my studio has grown and I'm making music for two projects.
This is one of them!